Why THESE Shirts? Sweat Shop Free/Eco-Friendly

I pick my blank shirts very carefully. I blame my time as a Kindergarten teacher, but I do not want to encourage child labor/sweatshops and I want to help protect the environment. So, when looking for blank shirts, paper, packaging, etc. I’m always looking for companies that share my values, which providing a great surface! That said, I’m always learning and adjusting to get better!

For many shirts I really like Bella + Canvas. They are crazy soft, flattering, resistant to pilling, etc. They also use sustainable materials, create very little waste, work to conserve water, are made in the US, etc.  And no, I’m not sponsored by them. ;-)

I am working to find high polyester shirts made be recycled materials, that are not see-through. It’s a work in progress, but we will get there!